Tuesday, August 30, 2011

one for the money, two for the show

I suppose everyone can tell that I am no English major. I am not a creative writer by any means, I just hope that my tone can come across in my posts, because how else would I entertain myself?

I was over at FireCracker's house today visiting, and she told me a little about her first week at school, though to be honest, she's a little quiet about it. All she says is that it was "good". For a supremely talkative girl, that is a very short answer! Monster (the nephew, born in May) was sleeping the whole time I was there, but I did spend a fair amount of time getting spit-up on on Sunday, so I feel okay about that. FireCracker, on the other hand, hasn't seen me in about a week and a half, and so she wants to have another sleepover.

FIRECRACKER: Can I stay at your house tonight?
ME: Not tonight. It's a school night!
FIRECRACKER: Is every night a school night?

She gives me the giggles sometimes.

Work has suddenly been crazy, I have five days at a school with 80+ students there, and I also have a number of Pre-K students to see. They weren't kidding at work when they said that the school year would bring busy times! I'm not sure if I want to complain or dance for joy.

I'll definitely complain that I am sleepy. Yes. Sleepy indeed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

oh, the adventures don't stop there.

I've been in Florida for about three months now. My birthday has passed, which it's fair to say was a horrible depressing mess. My first birthday away from friends or family, excluding my sister, niece, brother in law, and nephew. They make a fine group, and I love them, but occasionally I feel as though I am intruding. As far as gifts, it wasn't super exciting, except for my best present: one of my BFFs (referred to as Coxy) decided that he is coming down from Kansas to spend Christmas with me. WE've not ironed out the details, but I am not sure that Tampa is ready for two like us.

Am I rambling? I think I am rambling.

My new home is coming together, though not as quickly or as easily as I had hoped. It's difficult to feel okay about spending money when you owe money to people and have bills to pay. It was hella expensive to move down here, and I have paid back approximately 10% of my debt to my parents.

And the decorating. Oh, the decorating.

I keep believing that I want one thing, but then I change my style completely, and try to go with another thing. This is frustrating, as you ca imagine. At this point, I believe I have some things figured out, but if I had to define my design style I would call it modern elegant eclectic. Does that even make a modicum of sense?

Well, as far as the adventures, I've been out line dancing, which I enjoyed quite a bit, though my toes appreciated it a lot less in my new burlap TOMS. Ouch. I've started hula hooping for exercise, which has been less than successful so far, as I can only get the hoop to stay up for about 3 seconds. I made a new friend who turned out to be a bit crazy, and I am trying to make friends in my office. Barring the hurricane landing on us, which seems unlikely, I plan an IKEA excursion, and I would love to go line dancing again, but I am not sure I am brave enough to go all alone.

Honestly, I am so tired, I don't think this entry is very exciting. I'll leave you with a funny conversation with my sister (hereby referred to as The Lovely Sister) and my niece (referred to as FireCracker). Some background: FireCracker is a smarty pants kindergartener, who loves anything with sparkles, pink, and color, as long as it's pretty. She started kindergarten today, to great success as I understand. She also looked adorable, in her pink glittery skirt, ruffled shirt, and leggings.

THE LOVELY SISTER: FireCracker got some Jitter Glitter from her teacher to sprinkle on herself the night before school starts in case she has first day jitters.
ME: That sounds so cute!
TLS: Except you should hear what she calls her Jitter Glitter.
ME: And what would that be?
TLS: She calls it her Shitter Glitter. I told her you never want that kind of glitter!

In terms of phonology, FireCracker's misuse of the /dz/ phoneme into /ts/ is quite unremarkable. But even the unremarkable create hilarious results. Imagine a child trying to say "truck" who replaces his /tr/ with /f/. Cracks me the truck up.