Tuesday, August 28, 2012

just a quick post before bed...

Sometimes I wonder how I come to be friends with people who are so different-minded than myself. Here I was, thinking that racism -- in any extreme -- was an old-fashioned idea, and that people my age would just be over that by now. Not so! It turns out that I was being ignorant my thinking these things.

I have a new friend down here who I would classify as someone who is rather bigoted in her ideas. "Racist" seems like a harsh word. She's not out there committing hate crimes, but makes comments that make me uncomfortable. It makes me unsure of our friendship. I like her a lot, and we've become close, but her old-fashioned ideas make me wince.

I do think (as the song from Avenue Q says) that everyone's a little bit racist. But I also don't think that anyone should allow that to completely shape their view of another person. We all judge based on looks (race notwithstanding), but can we strive to dig a little deeper?

Friday, August 3, 2012

on friends and finding a man

Steve is visiting. Yay!

Steve and I, on his 21st. Old picture, but it's still cute!
We're headed to Busch Gardens tomorrow, and hopefully silliness and fun ensues.

My friends have convinced me to join Plenty of Fish, which I did. Which prompted about 12 guys to be like "u r sexi" and just send me poetic messages, such as "Hi", or my favorite so far: "Hry". Where's the romance? The attempt to woo? It doesn't help that I feel like I am lying to the world when I put up pictures like this:

When I really look like this.

I'm a mess, really.