Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween time!

So I have a history here in Florida of having pretty good costumes for Halloween. Last year. I went as a peacock and wore a tulle skirt I made with false feathered eyelashes and a feather headband. It was good fun!

This year, I went the scarier route, and went as a voodoo doll. I wasn't as into my actual costume, though I suppose it was okay. I really liked my makeup the most. 

Next year, I am banking on being a skinny bitch. I still want to be creative, but I also want to show off my hopefully hot bod by then. My thoughts so far:

Burlesque dancer
Circus ringmaster

Not so creative this time. So far. Let's see as the year progresses how that changes. 


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Instead of sleeping...

... I'm writing this blog post. 

A short one though. I took my meds and now am about to pass out. 

I am on my fifth week I think of weight watchers and have had mostly successes since starting! Down 11.2 lbs, and trying to remind myself that even though I can't see a difference at all yet, I lost about half of my dog in body weight. Must count for something. 

I'm trying to make a resolution! Eat better, work out more, and make sure to track this week. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and NYE will be tough, but a couple of extra workouts might just keep the beast at bay!

Current goals:
Be able to wear cute leather boots (legs are currently too wide)
Leggings as pants with a tunic top. 
Shopping anywhere I like. 
More self confidence. 

Tata for now, gotta go to bed so I can struggle through another day of work. 


EDIT: Updates to come about possible life plans.