Wednesday, May 18, 2011

more of a general wondering... ment.

I've decided to call this blog "colorless green ideas sleep furiously." It has long been a favorite quite of mine (Noam Chomsky, by the way, if you're wondering), because I just love those words, and I love how the sentence itself makes absolutely no sense, and yet, syntactically, it's a perfect sentence. I love it in a similar way that I love "The Jabberwocky", by Lewis Carroll... you should google that right now, if you are unfamiliar.

I am now installed in Florida, in my new townhouse. I intend to post some pictures, both here and on Facebook, but I have a million things to do at the moment, so nothing quite yet. But they are coming, I know you are eagerly awaiting them.

Today has been both an extraordinarily boring day and a wonderfully exciting day. Today, I woke up early so that my internet and cable could be installed. I also ran errands, such as renters and car insurance, the bank, and getting gas for my car (which is about 40 cents cheaper here than in the mitten). Then it was back to the house, waiting for my mattress and the movers to come deliver my things. A day of moving things in and unpacking somewhat.

The wonderfully exciting news came later, but I don't want to spoil it before it can be shared by those who's news it is. Though, you may be able to guess anyway.

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