Sunday, July 22, 2012

on setting goals

I've never been much for running. Even when I was a tiny skinny thing I always hated it. Really, I hated exercise of any sort. Looking back, I think that I was probably super anxious about the idea of running and being in a race, and it just ruined my whole day.

But of course, I am an adult now, and I recognize that exercise has benefits, like you know. Making us live longer. And stuff. And so I've been working out. And I have a new goal! I would like to be able to do The Color Run next year. There's one happening in December down here, but I don't think I am quite ready to commit to that. But one year from now, I hope to be ready for The Color Run 5K. It just looks like so much fun. It makes me WANT to be a runner. Plus, Lulu Lemon has the cutest running fashions ever, and I want to get on board with that.

In other news, here's a cute picture of Penny playing with her new friend, Winston.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

mah fravrit!

All I've done today is watch White Collar reruns, go to the gym, watch The Hangover, and then more White Collar reruns.

So productive.

For the past three weeks I have been so good about going to work out. There is an older man in my neighborhood who is a personal trainer and he offered to train me for free. So a couple friends and I go for a half hour three times a week and lift some weights. It's a pretty good deal. I've definitely built up at least some muscle.

I love this part of White Collar, when he base jumps off the building.

Anyway, so the weight loss journey is beginning, but I haven't altered my eating habits quite yet. Given that, I've not really lost weight. I'm only slightly more optimistic than I was.

I think this entry had a point when I started, but then I got lazy. You win some, you lose some, I guess.