Tuesday, August 28, 2012

just a quick post before bed...

Sometimes I wonder how I come to be friends with people who are so different-minded than myself. Here I was, thinking that racism -- in any extreme -- was an old-fashioned idea, and that people my age would just be over that by now. Not so! It turns out that I was being ignorant my thinking these things.

I have a new friend down here who I would classify as someone who is rather bigoted in her ideas. "Racist" seems like a harsh word. She's not out there committing hate crimes, but makes comments that make me uncomfortable. It makes me unsure of our friendship. I like her a lot, and we've become close, but her old-fashioned ideas make me wince.

I do think (as the song from Avenue Q says) that everyone's a little bit racist. But I also don't think that anyone should allow that to completely shape their view of another person. We all judge based on looks (race notwithstanding), but can we strive to dig a little deeper?

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