Sunday, October 28, 2012

giving some thought to life

I've lived here in Florida for just over a year. I like that it's warm most of the time, there are beaches and pools, and everyone knows how I feel about the water. I like being near my sister, and my niece and nephew, and I've even got a couple of friends. But all the same, I still feel very temporary. I don't know where I am going to end up, and I feel like I want to become one of those people who just travels around the country looking for a place to call home.

I know virtually nothing about New York. But I just finished reading a blog post and I got this wild fancy... what if I moved to New York? It certainly would be interesting. I've been thinking about the pros and cons of it. I know nothing about the neighborhoods, and nothing about the city (other than I have been there twice to visit...). I know that I like musicals. I know that I like cool neighborhoods, making small spaces work, and pre-war apartments.

I do continue to have thoughts about moving. I love the heat of Florida, the beaches, the pools... I love that. But I miss my friends, some of whom are in New York. Besides, the TV shows make it seem like such fun (and we all know the TV is JUST like real life). Other cities I have considered include Portland, OR, Asheville, NC, as well as back to Detroit.

Things I could like about New York:

  • I already have friends there.
  • Lots to see and do all the time.
  • New and exciting!
  • The apartments!
Things I may not like about New York:
  • Walking EVERYWHERE*
  • It's expensive. (But is it really? I already pay more than $1000 a month to live by myself down here.)
  • Then again, it's very busy.
  • I don't do all that well with change. (Though with friends there, it would be an improvement.)
I don't think I am quite fashionable enough for New York. I should probably move somewhere like Utah and be trendy, and everyone would be all "ooh, look at her, she's wearing makeup." And the idea of moving somewhere else sort of gives me a headache. I mean, what do I pack, what don't I pack, do I drive there, do I fly and have someone mail things to me? What about Penny? Would she like it? I would need a new job, which would be good since I hate my current company. I wonder how SLPs are paid in NYC.

Let's be honest, I'm not moving, unless someone encourages me. I'm waiting for a sign.

*To be fair, walking everywhere would probably be a good thing.

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