Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Instead of sleeping...

... I'm writing this blog post. 

A short one though. I took my meds and now am about to pass out. 

I am on my fifth week I think of weight watchers and have had mostly successes since starting! Down 11.2 lbs, and trying to remind myself that even though I can't see a difference at all yet, I lost about half of my dog in body weight. Must count for something. 

I'm trying to make a resolution! Eat better, work out more, and make sure to track this week. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and NYE will be tough, but a couple of extra workouts might just keep the beast at bay!

Current goals:
Be able to wear cute leather boots (legs are currently too wide)
Leggings as pants with a tunic top. 
Shopping anywhere I like. 
More self confidence. 

Tata for now, gotta go to bed so I can struggle through another day of work. 


EDIT: Updates to come about possible life plans. 

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