Thursday, December 15, 2011

So yeah.

I am what's called a "Bzz Agent". If you've never heard of this, let me shed some light on it. What you do, is take some surveys, and they send you free products to try. It sounds a little funky and shady, I know. But it's completely legitimate. What they get in return is consumer information about the products, and you get to try some stuff for free or for some serious discounts. It rocks.

Recently I took part in the Maybelline Lots of Lashes and Baby Lips campaign. Here's my thoughts: Decent products for what they are. The mascara really makes your lashes look long, but it's sort of cheap mascara, so it flakes easily and I ended up with some "raccoon eyes". Also, the wand is a little odd and takes some getting used it. I would recommend it to a friend if they were just looking for something cheap.

The Baby Lips... now, I liked that. I wasn't a fan of the name (BABY LIPS. REALLY.) or the color of the pink, but I love love love the mint flavor. It's great. So, here we go.

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