Thursday, June 28, 2012

oh! I do like to be beside the seaside!

It's true, nothing makes me happier than the thought of sailing. I've always loved being near water. Perhaps it's part of growing up in a state surrounded by lakes. I grew up sailing on my dad's boat and my grandfather's boat, but never really learned to sail, myself. I'm not sure if I never took an interest in learning, or maybe if I've just forgotten it all. But I would love to take one of those classes where you learn to sail by going out on a boat with an instructor for a few days... pricing it out, they look very very expensive. So I'm hunting for maybe some cheaper lessons. Or maybe I just need to get a "Learn to Sail" textbook, though I'm not sure how much about it I could learn via reading.

My grandfather primarily taught my brother how to sail. Matt's really a faster learner than I am, and at the time I was a nervous boater, convinced that the boat was going to tip over. By the time I got over that silly fear, I think I missed my chance to learn. I regret that.

Matthew, the intrepid sailor.

Me, my grandfather, and my brother. 

I don't have any photos on my computer of me sailing, what a shame! I'll have to ask my mom to upload some and send them to me. I have some very fond memories of being out on Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan on Grandpa's 41 ft. Hinkley, the Fly-n-Finn. I loved sitting up on the bow on a calm sail just as much as I loved a windy day sitting on the "low side" as I always called it. Being able to stick your hand in the water as you fly over it on nothing but the power of the wind... paradise.

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